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août 13, 2019



Tom Shindruk is one the Spinners at the inaugural Spin For Life event on November 21, 2020! Each participant (once they reach a fundraising minimum of $250) gets one hour on a bike while we collectively attempt to Spin around the world in just one day. All donations go to support the Canadian Cancer Society. You can help by donating to his campaign and/or cheering him on at the event.

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Anonymous on octobre 17, 2019

Anonymous on septembre 20, 2019

Anonymous on septembre 10, 2019

Anonymous on septembre 10, 2019

Anonymous on septembre 10, 2019

$102.56 from Delmer Yaskiw on septembre 10, 2019
Message from Donor: “Way to go Tom . Helping those who deal with cancer is close to our hearts. Best wishes from Delmer and Donna Yaskiw.”

$2,087.60 from Irene Groch on septembre 5, 2019

Ed Demchuk on septembre 3, 2019

$102.56 from Cheryl Shindruk and John Livey on août 27, 2019
Message from Donor: “So proud of you uncle Tom and the great work you continue to do for the Canadian Cancer Society.”

Larry Jurgens on août 27, 2019

$102.56 from Don Bobyn on août 26, 2019
Message from Donor: “Go for the Gold, Tom”

Anonymous on août 23, 2019

$102.56 from Doug Paraschuk and Gena Lowe on août 23, 2019
Message from Donor: “Giv'r Tommy! Ride like the wind.”

$25.00 from Fred Malley on août 23, 2019

$51.43 from Samuel Wayne Bobroff on août 23, 2019
Message from Donor: “Tom, one of the great contributors in the community if not Calgary. GOOD SUCCESS & LUCK”

$25.00 from Vic Chickowski on août 23, 2019

Cynthia & Mike Tremblay on août 22, 2019
Message from Donor: “You are an inspiration!”

$50.00 from Joanne Koenig on août 22, 2019
Message from Donor: “Way to go Tommy!”

Peter Swidzinski on août 21, 2019

$200.00 from Helen Cowie on août 21, 2019

$50.00 from Anonymous on août 15, 2019

$300.00 from Lynne and Paul Kyba on août 19, 2019

$100.00 from Lyn & Audrey Ward/Galloway on août 19, 2019
Message from Donor: “You're an inspiration to us all Tom!!”

$5,000.00 from Anonymous on août 19, 2019

$100.00 from Frank Gatto on août 18, 2019
Message from Donor: “Tom Shindruk is one of my oldest and best friends, and I am honored to help fight cancer.”

$204.81 from Don Verdonck on août 16, 2019
Message from Donor: “We admire your passion. God Bless, Tom.”

$51.43 from Veronica Oliver on août 16, 2019
Message from Donor: “Cheering you on, Tom!”

$50.00 from Theresa Rowinski on août 15, 2019
Message from Donor: “Good luck, Tommy!!! Cheering you on!! Love, Theresa xoxo”

$100.00 from Sonja Shindruk on août 15, 2019
Message from Donor: “My husband is a three time CANCER overcomer, if it wasn't for all the previous research, he probably would not have survived. Let's keep the research going.”

$153.68 from Max 7 Cleaning and Property Services Ltd. on août 15, 2019

$25.87 from Irene Kohuch on août 15, 2019

Sandy Herrmann on août 14, 2019
Message from Donor: “Go Tom Go!!”

$102.56 from Robert Bielawski on août 14, 2019

$255.93 from Fleet Safety International on août 14, 2019

$25.87 from Graham Eastham on août 14, 2019
Message from Donor: “Good luck, Tom.”


Spin For Life values inclusion and removing barriers to entry for participation; any skill level, beginner to pro, is encouraged to join. There’s no need for any special equipment or gear – alongside 180 spin bikes, Spin For Life is equipped with low-impact floor and arm pedal machines. Spinners are in a controlled indoor environment where the risk is low, medical support is always close-at-hand, and the weather won’t affect the experience. Our participants’ physical and fundraising commitments are also designed to be manageable challenges: one hour of sweat with a minimum $1,000 raised for charity.


Thanks to our growing list of like-minded sponsors and patrons, 100% of donations stay with the Canadian Cancer Society. With each event, Spin For Life aims to raise a minimum of $1.44 million with new host cities being added every year for a ten year goal of $180 million. Tax receiptable donations can be allocated to any of three categories: Clinical Trials, Wheels of Hope, or the Alberta Cancer Research Fund (which was specially created to be funded by Spin For Life). Even in our first year, we are aiming to break the World Record for most money raised with a static cycling event.


Over the course of eight hours, our Spinners will collectively ride the circumference of the world: 40,075 km. Each hour is themed around distinct global landscapes with LED screens, theatre lighting, and mapped projections transporting participants through a beautiful, challenging, and cathartic experience. Emcees and Instructors will lead the music-filled Spin Hours, introducing stories of cancer heroes, researchers, clinicians, and remembrances of those we have lost. All culminating in a world record ceremony and on-site after party when we finish spinning around the globe!